I’m not saying I will write about you, but I’m not saying I won’t either. 

Established in 2012 as “Another Chapter in the Book” as a blog full of personal stories, opinions, and advice started by a college student with a passion for writing.  Created out of simple enjoyment, I always imagined it to be something more.

Renamed “Writerlust” in March of 2016 as an ongoing passion project full of blank pages and untold stories. When I heard the question, “Are you gunna blog about it?” enough times, Blog About It was born.

I never know what to write in these “About” pages. On one hand, I can tell you about all of the surface level things about myself including my fondness for pizza, coffee and black shirts. Tell you that I’m a single twenty-something with an impending cramp from swiping left on Tinder one too many times. There’s lots of things I could tell you.

Or I could just let you read and find out more for yourself.

Let’s go with that.

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